Anniversary Cards To Celebrate The Different Anniversaries

Anniversaries are often depicted by different milestones. In order to honour these milestones, some gifts apply to the number of years that the couple has been married. When choosing anniversary cards to make it extra special, it is worth looking for one where the words fit with the theme of the milestone. At the very least there are usually anniversary cards that will depict the number of years that the couple has been married.


  • 1st. year: Often individuals will give a couple that has been married for a year an anniversary card that depicts it as is classed as the first milestone. It is not all that difficult to find cards with the appropriate wording that showcase this length of time that the couple has been married.
  • 10 years: This is another milestone that is considered extra special not only for the couple but for those who want to acknowledge this milestone with the giving of an anniversary card. The type of gift that goes typically with this milestone is something that is comprised of tin or aluminium.
  • 25 years: This is a special milestone as there are fewer couples that make it to this length of time in their marriage. Often for this occasion, some parties or events are held, and gifts are given to commemorate this special occasion. The type of gift applicable to this milestone is silver.
  • 50 years: No explanation is needed to bring attention to how important this anniversary is. The gift selection for this milestone is gold.

Choosing the Right Anniversary Card

Knowing what the gifts are that are attributed to the different years can help when choosing the card. Many card manufacturers will use the gift theme when creating their cards. For example, 25-year cards will often have the theme of silver. When it comes to the design for the 50th-anniversary cards, they will be decorated with gold embellishments.