Different Types of Birthday Cards

Buying different types of greeting cards can be fun if you can take the time to review them carefully before purchasing them. One of the most common types of greeting cards is birthday cards, and the great thing about them is that there are some great options to choose from.

The Design

The theme will be based on birthday wishes, but you need to be careful that you choose one that is age-appropriate. Buying a card that has a design of a little one opening gifts would not be appropriate for a teen, for example. So the first step is paying attention to the design of the card.

The Theme

Then it comes down to focusing on the theme. Should it be a humorous card or one that is serious? Which you choose will depend on the relationship you have with the card recipient as well as their personality. For example, a Mom that is buying a birthday card for her son or daughter will be more likely to be on the serious side. Although again, this depends on the age of the child.

The Age Specific Cards

Little ones always like to receive a birthday card that depicts their age, because becoming one year older is a milestone that is important to them.

Pop Up Cards

Another type of birthday card that has become really popular is the pop-up design. This is the type where when the card is opened, an additional scene will pop up, making the card extra special.

Musical Cards

Any age can enjoy one of the musical cards that will play happy birthday when it is opened up.

Interactive Birthday Cards

Some birthday cards have been designed whereby they are almost a gift in themselves. They are interactive such that they turn into some type of toy or game. Kids love getting these types of cards and are often intrigued by them.