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When should we talk?

Over the past couple of months it feels as if I’ve been doing a lot of self-disclosure. That is, I’ve been sharing more and more of my mental health history secrets with those around me. And it’s a bit scary. But it’s made me ponder - when is the right...

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Be gone 'Commitment-Phobe'

I have been making – what feels like – an onslaught of decisions lately which have really questioned a held assumption about myself. That I am a ‘commitment-phobe’. I’m not talking about commitment to a career or a relationships or which NRL team to support. My phobia of commitment is...

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Living Unbalanced

We are back! You may or may not have noticed that there has been some radio silence from our end. Apologies, if you did. It was by no means intentional. It just sort of happened. And then kept happening. And because I’m a person who reflects, I’m going to try...

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