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Meaning = Happiness?

I’ve been observing a possible growing trend of late. It might not be new. It might not actually be a ‘trend’. But it doesn’t have anything to do with kale. Or other foods claiming to be ‘super’. There seems to be some discussion around the relationship between happiness and meaning....

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Sometimes the bruises aren't visible

A few weeks back I went out with some new friends, one of whom opened up about her relationship difficulties. The thing was, it wasn’t the more common beefs about partners – lack of contribution to domestic duties, annoying choice of bread, difficulties with intimacy, weird sexual preferences in the...

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The weaknesses of strengths

Has anyone else noticed that we can be a little bit hard on the people we love the most? Sometimes it feels that the closest of friends can spend more time talking about the things that annoy them about those they love than the things that they admire? More often...

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