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The argument against hope

So, I came across a concept this week which has blown my mind a little bit. I read a book over the weekend which was hilarious and smart and for 203 pages I wholeheartedly agreed with every single point that was made. Every single point. And then this happened. The...

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How does it all start?

I have been getting my life in order of late. In extremely exciting and very adult news, I have paid off my HECS debt! I now actually own my two degrees. I have consolidated my fifteen superannuation accounts. This week I got my car serviced and after a very assertive...

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Kristen's story

This is our first post from Hope Street Cards guest blogger - Kristen Malake. Welcome Kristen and we can't wait for more contributions from you! I have a long history with mental illness. It began in middle school in the form of an eating disorder. One day a ‘friend’ taught me...

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