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Our misjudgments

Did you know that when we interact with a new person it takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge them and make a first impression? That’s pretty bloody quick. Our judgments of others are coloured by our own past experiences, projections and expectations. In essence, we impose...

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The 'here and now'

A lot of us can experience a pretty particular problem: the inability to actually inhabit the stretch of time we call ‘the present’. Life unfolds in the present, yet often this is not where we are. Perhaps we are at the beach on a lovely sunny day. The birds are...

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When should we talk?

Over the past couple of months it feels as if I’ve been doing a lot of self-disclosure. That is, I’ve been sharing more and more of my mental health history secrets with those around me. And it’s a bit scary. But it’s made me ponder - when is the right...

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