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When feelings become tricky

 Feelings can be tricky things. They can change the outcome of the day. We can love them one minute and hate them the next. And we can be hard on our feelings. We can revel in them. Suppress them. Deny them. Disconnect from them. At their best, feelings are information....

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Stoicism for Today

A while back I had a client who could be genuinely defined as ‘stoic’. And I think it was his stoicism that assisted him whilst he was in our program, and his recovery. ‘Stoicism’ was a philosophy that flourished for around 400 years in Ancient Greece and Rome, gaining widespread...

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Problems with Happiness

I know I’m going to come over as the biggest party pooper, grouch or grinch in the history of the world here, but I’ve noticed that I’m really struggling with offering up a particular word to others. The word is happy. I can never really sing “Happy Birthday” to anyone...

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