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The C-word

Please stop using the ‘c-word’ No, not that c-word. The word ‘commit’. In relation to suicide. Consider the phrase “commit suicide”. Does this seem unusual? Acceptable? Familiar? We could argue that there is nothing all that alarming about the words themselves. They are a pretty standard and common description of...

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Suicide Myth Busting - #7 Most suicides happen unexpectedly.

This is a hard one. Let’s start with what we've learnt over the last week and what we now know. At a glance: The factors associated with suicide are varied and complex. Predicting who will take their life is extremely difficult, even for experienced professionals. There are several common characteristics...

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Suicide Myth Busting - #6 Once someone is suicidal, they will remain suicidal.

We’re nearing the end of our suicide myth busting. To recap, we’ve covered some pretty important stuff. We’re now fully aware that most individuals who are experiencing suicidality desperately want to live; they just don’t know how to live with their pain and distress. Talking about suicide will never cause...

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