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Know the signs - Perinatal Anxiety and Depression

During Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week last week (12-18th November) we heard from a range of people who had experienced mental health issues during the perinatal period (i.e., during pregnancy or in the year following giving birth). What I took away from hearing these stories, is that like all...

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The toughest gig going

I’m not a parent. But I spend quite a lot of time with people who are. My own, mostly. And being a parent has got to be – hands down – the hardest job in the world.   Firstly, there is the way in which parenthood is sold to us all....

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How charitable are we really?

It seems that we are all a bit impressed by the idea of charity. But often from a distance. Without looking at the idea too deeply. We might watch something on the tele that moves us and makes us think a little bit more about someone else’s circumstances. Or we...

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