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The weaknesses of strengths

Has anyone else noticed that we can be a little bit hard on the people we love the most? Sometimes it feels that the closest of friends can spend more time talking about the things that annoy them about those they love than the things that they admire? More often...

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'Everything happens for a reason' - I say BS

I was eavesdropping whilst I was drinking coffee in a café the other day. I do this a lot FYI. Both, eavesdrop and drink coffee.  A man is telling a woman a story. A woman he knows was in a devastating car accident. Her life was shattered in an instant....

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Battle of the Cards

Today we launch a fun project over on Instagram - @hopestreetmail. Since we stopped living under the same roof - some 16 years ago - Trudy and I have been engaged in a fierce battle that has crossed suburbs, states and even entire seas. It’s a competitive game that appears...

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