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One of my favouritest things is to find things on the Internet that put a smile in my tummy. These things usually also involve sending mail. They definitely, always involve something quite beautiful.

The first one is postcrossing. I am still surprised to learn, that not everyone in the entire world has not yet signed up to be a postcrossing member. This project allows people to receive postcards from all over the world. The main idea is that if you send a postcard, you will receive one back. From someone you don’t know. From somewhere completely random in the world. What an idea! And what an experience! I have only been postcrossing for a year now, but so far I have sent (and received) postcards (to and from) the US, China, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Finland, Belarus, India, Russia, Malaysia. Austria, Ireland (I received a postcard from Ireland’s top postcrosser who had sent over 100 00 postcards!), and it goes on. I have also had the opportunity to request that if people feel comfortable, and ONLY if they feel comfortable, that when writing to me they share their thoughts, feelings, experiences about mental illness with me. That’s been fascinating. But probably worthy of an entire blog post to itself. Find it here -

Another wonderful thing I came across quite recently is CBA – or Card Bombers Anonymous. And this is genius. This is a club and at the start of each month, the ‘captain’ will email all the members of the CBA the name and postal address of the card bombing recipient. All the members will then send anonymously a card, letter, picture, quote, kind word or postcard to the recipient. The recipient is then no doubt inundated with love and kindness in the mail by complete strangers. I have only just signed up and have not yet had the pleasure of my first card bombing experience, but gee I am excited. You can sign up here, and if you know of someone who is in need of some snail mail love you can even nominate them to be the recipient. Totes awes.

And then there is my universe idol – Emily McDowell. This woman is an absolute genius and has such a beautiful, relatable and hopeful way with words that I can’t help to just want to be her. For a minute, I did hesitate about mentioning a major greeting card competitor in this post when we’re just starting out, but then I remembered how much I adore her work. Shortly prior to the Hope Street Cards launch, Emily unleashed her ‘Empathy Cards’ which are cards for serious illness, cancer, grief and loss. Created in the belief that there are better, more authentic ways to communicate about sickness and suffering, these cards do communicating crap stuff beautifully. If you haven’t already, check them out.

So thank you Internet. Not just for the cat videos and the ability to put an end to late night obnoxious arguments about things. But thank you for helping us to connect to nice things in the post.

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  • Tanya says...

    Thanks so much for sharing and spreading it! xxx

    20 January 2016

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