A card for all the Super Heroes!

Say a super welcome to our new card – The ‘Super Hero’ Card!


Here at Hope Street Cards we believe that anyone who experiences a mental health issue is a full-blown super hero.

Dr M acknowledges this ALL the time. The power of recovery. And it is not that hard to see where the power comes from. The superhuman internal strength that those with a lived experience of mental illness need in order to overcome the signs and symptoms that are associated with poor mental health.

Just quietly, we reckon the superhero might be a pretty alright metaphor for people who may be experiencing mental health issues. As a person with a lived experience, it often felt like I would spend sleepless nights engaged in constant battles with my own personal villains to get up in the morning and try and face the day as a “functional” person. At the time, it was probably considered more of a mask, but considering what I was up against I just of easily could have visualised it as a cape.

When we take a very brief glimpse at some of the shit stuff that people who experience mental illness might be up against, it can look like this:

  • Irrational thoughts.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Hearing voices that aren’t yours.
  • Thinking you might die. All the time.
  • Having flashbacks of things you really don’t want to remember. Really frequently.
  • Constantly battling with your own mind.
  • Not being able to sleep. For what feels like ever.
  • Enduring the enormity of medication side effects, like nausea and headaches and anxiety and sweating and mental fog and dizziness and weight gain and emotional dissociation and sexual difficulties.
  • Having to tell a stranger all your secrets in order to ‘recover’.
  • Intense mood swings.
  • Dealing with people who offer advice such as “snap out of it” and “have you tried thinking good thoughts?"
  • Navigating the mental health system.
  • Excessive feelings of panic, fear or terror completely out of proportion to the threat.
  • Having thoughts and desires to end your life, but managing to stay alive.
  • Obsessing.
  • Confused thinking or being unable to concentrate. Or able to remember things.
  • Excessive fears or worries.
  • Extreme feelings of guilt and shame.
  • Withdrawal from friends and family. And people.
  • Difficulty understanding and relating to situations. And to people.
  • Changes to sex drive.
  • Changes to eating habits.
  • Changes to sleeping.
  • Changes to functioning.
  • Feeling sad and worthless and hopeless and helpless.
  • Feeling anxious and worried and panicked and terrified.

This stuff is painful. An episode of mental illness can shift our world on its axis. Our  resiliency can really come into question during episodes of mental illness. But the reality is that it takes herculean strength to overcome any of this stuff. Anyone who has the courage to keep going and live through any of the above shit stuff is a genuine superhero in our minds!

And we reckon this strength is not something we should hide. It’s something we should celebrate. Support and celebrate the superhero in your life – send them this card!

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