Battle of the Cards

Today we launch a fun project over on Instagram - @hopestreetmail.

Since we stopped living under the same roof - some 16 years ago - Trudy and I have been engaged in a fierce battle that has crossed suburbs, states and even entire seas. It’s a competitive game that appears to have no real victory in sight, yet it is powerfully compelling and neither of us is giving up. For all this time we’ve been attempting to discover and deliver to the other, the very best greeting card on the planet. This is far and away, the bestest battle of them all.

Personal snail mail is pretty powerful stuff. It demands such tactile interaction: we hold it in our hands, we rip open the seal, we pull apart the envelope. And then there’s the aura of excitement about it – only very important stuff is sent by post these days – so there’s some anticipation as we wonder if something really significant has arrived. And there’s the rare splash of real ink! And real handwriting! How totally intriguing!

The behavioural psychology effects – joy and love and surprise – that this personal card game has engendered is great for us, but we feel it’s time we shared some of this with the rest of the world. For all this time, the unadulterated “ohhs” and “ahhhs” and “OMGs” in response to amazing greeting cards have been kept isolated. It’s time to share these reactions, and their triggers with other greeting card devotees.

And we want to showcase the wonderful work of other greeting card businesses and let them know what their art means to us. Since starting Hope Street Cards, one of the most special things has been receiving feedback from card recipients. So it’s time for us to show that kindness too.

Who knows you may find a card you’d like to send to someone too.

Follow the battle and let the best sister win! - @hopestreetmail.

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