Care packages for the brain

I love being able to send my people a package of love.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Trudy and I have been playing a fabulous game for over 15 years where on a close to weekly basis we try to outdo each other by seeking out and sending each other the best and most fabulous greeting card available on the market. The joy this creates – in both giving and receiving – is pretty spectacular.

When the wonderful women around me make tiny humans, I love to be able to cook them meals in the hope that it makes their world just a little bit easier as they adjust to what must be a mammoth undertaking in becoming a Mum.

When one of my most smartest doctor friends was studying her butt off to become an even smarter doctor consultant, I revelled in finding and sending her cards and packages to try and support her in discovering her inner nerd and maintaining her chosen path (even though this meant having to bow out of pretty much all things enjoyable for a very, very long time).

I love to do these things. Creating little care packages of love that I hope somehow make a small difference in the lives of my loved ones.

But unfortunately, it’s tough work to find a care package that will make much of a difference for a loved one who has a mental illness.

Sure, home cooked meals will help when someone might be experiencing significantly poor motivation, but a delicious lasagne doesn’t go far in helping them get out of bed of a morning without a feeling of dread. And inspirational messages of positivity to stick up on the wall? Again, probably not excellent things to hear or see when one’s internal voice is loudly screaming messages of self-loathing and destruction.

Care packages for disorders of the brain are not going to be pretty gifts packaged up with ribbons. They’re going to be much less tangible. Much more difficult to create, but so much more rewarding to provide.

Care packages for mental illnesses are going to come packaged in human connection.

And within them you’ll find listening. And empathy. And openness. A non-judgmental mind. Compassion. And patience. Maybe a little bit of kindness. An inquisitive mind. Some positive reinforcement. Practical support. Consistent showing up. Encouragement and hopefulness. And a whole lot of love.

Care packages for the brain, are unique. There’s no “one size fits all”. They can be a difficult package to give. And sometimes an even more difficult package to receive. But a care package like this, has the opportunity to create richer, more human and loving relationships.

If you’d like a card to go with it, maybe choose this one (you can find it right here). 

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