Challenges for Connections

Want an activity to try out this week to develop your social connections a little bit more? Something a bit different? A wee challenge? Maybe an activity a little bit cute and special?

Okay then, here you go …

  • Write down something nice that someone did for you recently. Give the note to someone you don’t know particularly well. Ask them to do what the note says for someone else.
  • Buy something that ALWAYS MAKES YOU HAPPY! Give it to someone you think might need a lift right now.
  • Draw three things you love. Give them to someone you find interesting. Ask them to do the same for you.
  • Write down your favourite question. Give it to someone you are curious are about to answer. Ask them to do the same with someone else.
  • Do something completely unselfish, expecting nothing in return. Evaluate how it makes you feel.
  • Ask every person you meet today about their biggest life lesson. Take some notes. Just in case.
  • Today: FOCUS ON LISTENING. Rather than talking. For the ENTIRE day.
  • Host a picnic in your living room. Let your guests bring their favourite music. Show each other your favourite dance moves.
  • Focus on failure today. See if you can learn something new from a deliberate mistake: Get lost on the way to work. Take the wrong bus. Buy the wrong type of cheese. Talk to three other people about failure – which is their favourite failure or mistake?
  • Spend time with a child you know and do something fun that they will (hopefully) remember for ever.
  • Arrange a day-long adventure for you and a friend. With equal parts curiousness, nervousness, and joy.
  • Do something that is totally out of character for you, but that you would enjoy. Bring along someone that is your opposite in many ways.
  • Phone a friend and tell them about something brave someone else did recently. Encourage them to be brave too.
  • Ask someone to tell you about the three most important moments of their life. Tell them about three important moments you hope to experience in the future.
  • Write down your three biggest dreams: For yourself. For someone else. For the world. Share them with someone.
  • Document the moon every day for one week. Send the images as a gift to a friend who loves the night.
  • Ask your best friend to describe the things they like about you in one sentence. Do the same in return.
  • Buy the most beautiful book you’ve read. Pick five especially great pages. Give them to various people, and tell them what the book means to you.
  • Music swap: Challenge a friend to listen to the music of your choosing exclusively for one week. Ask them to do the same for you.
  • Choose a person who was very important to you earlier in your life. Send them a handwritten letter explaining what they mean to you.
  • Arrange a dinner. Invite three people you don’t know very well and who don’t know each other.
  • Give away something that is valuable to you but that you think someone else would need more.
  • Be super friendly to someone you don’t know but who seems to need it.
  • Focus on compliments all day. Hand them out to people all around you.
  • Play date. Meet with a friend and recall your favourite childhood games and activities. Find a way to play as you did when you were kids.
  • Love bomb: Every day for one week, send a message reminding someone how much they mean to you.
  • Send someone a card!

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