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Volunteer Position Description

Volunteer role: Volunteer Contributors to Hope Street Cards

Purpose: The Volunteer Contributors will provide assistance to the Hope Street Cards blog and community with creating and providing content to the Hope Street Cards blog as Sam is getting bored of hearing herself rant on and on.

Duties and Responsibilities can include:

  • Reading and writing a review of a book related to mental health or mental illness for the Hope Street Cards monthly book club
  • Submitting questions of interest related to mental health or mental illness to be answered (if humanly possibly) on the blog
  • Any other wonderful things you may be able to suggest


None required. Curiosity to acquire new knowledge desirable.

Key skills/abilities:

Our volunteer contributor roles consists of:

  • Hope
  • Empathy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Curiosity
  • Open-heartedness


Unfortunately not financial. But here's hoping the educational and emotional benefits will be endless.

For more information:

Contact Sam or Trudy via facebook or instagram or email hopestreetcards@gmail.com.

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