Practical Perinatal Love Coupons

Title - Practical Perinatal Love Coupons

Do you know someone who could do with a little bit of extra love? Love in the form of practical assistance? Sometimes this is the best sort of love, but the most difficult love to ask for. So why not give it away, rather than wait to be asked!

This pack contains 5 individual vouchers or coupons for you to distribute to a new (or not-so-new) Mum or Dad as you please. Each activity is designed to bring the recipient a little extra rest, relief and well-deserved relaxation.

Appropriate to send to: A loved one experiencing a perinatal anxiety or depression condition. Or a parent. Or anyone who might be a tad overwhelmed.

5 different coupons for 5 different activities:

  • 1 Home-Cooked Meal - Lasagne? Curry? Soup? Chocolate mud cake? Masterchef-inspired mystery box challenge? Your pick!
  • Domestic Duties - Toilet cleaning? Floor scrubbing? Making beds? Washing linen? Discovering/cleaning what's behind the back of your fridge? It's your choice!
  • Nice, Caring & Kindness - A back and neck massage? Your nails painted? An hour of hugs? A night in with romantic comedies and ice cream on the lounge? A blow-by-blow account of what's happened in the lived of B-grade celebrities during the last month? I can make these things happen!
  • Interim Child Raising - Cuddling the newborn? Changing nappies? Making 'cooing' noises? Ensuring child remains alive while you sleep / interact with adults / bathe / consume buttloads of chocolate in your undies for a day? Any of these is fine!
  • Hoots & Giggles - Can I try and make you laugh? Even if it's just for a minute? Possibilities include: creating a playlist of YouTube clips involving cats, choreographing an interpretive dance to Justin Bieber? developing a stand-up routine about the time we met; writing you a sonnet.


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