About Our Team

About Sam

Sam is a 34 year old sister with a love of sending greeting cards. Sam has a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) from the University of Queensland and a Master of Clinical Psychology from Griffith University. She has experience working as a  in clinical settings, providing individual and group psychotherapy to a range of people experiencing complex mental health and alcohol and other drug issues. She currently works full-time on an innovative drug and alcohol treatment project.

Sam has a personal history of mental illness, experiencing repeated episodes of Major Depressive Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. She is currently in remission (Hooray!) and manages her illness with medication, outpatient therapy, hard work and the support of her loved ones.

Sam is the Managing Director (aka ‘The Boss’) of Hope Street Cards where she comes up with the ideas and text for the cards and bosses her younger sister (aka ‘The Creative’) around.

She enjoys spending her Saturday mornings at the local Op Shop where she rummages through the discarded treasures of others, listening to The Beatles back catalogue and cross stitching. 

About Trudy

Trudy is a 30 year old sister with a love of sending greeting cards. Trudy studied a Bachelor of Communications and later a Master of Business Administration, before undertaking a Diploma of Graphic Design. 

Trudy has a personal history of supporting someone with a mental illness, providing love and care to her older sister during her episodes of mental illness and hospitalisations. From the provision of home-made baked goods to last minute sleepovers, Trudy has gone above and beyond to support and care for someone with a mental illness.

Trudy is the Graphic Designer (aka ‘The Creative’) of Hope Street Cards. She is responsible for all of the illustrations, graphics and general creative processes.

Trudy enjoys baking biscuits and cycling through the inner city streets of Melbourne doing hipster-type things.